Product Care & Maintenance

Generally Sherborne products require very little in the way of maintenance. We hope this information enables you to obtain the best service and appearance from your doors and windows.

General cleansing of Sherborne products and glass

Regular washing with warm water best cleans these products. A small amount of washing-up liquid can be added as necessary to help remove more stubborn dirt and greasy marks. Internal surfaces of white Sherborne products may suffer discolouration if exposed to continued cigarette smoke or cooking fumes. In such instances, please consult us at Sherborne, we may be able to help with specialist products. Under no circumstances use any chemical cleaning agents or abrasive substances to restore the original colour, as it is possible to harm either the product or glazing gaskets.

Doors – General maintenance

Particular care should be taken to regularly inspect the door track and to remove dirt, stones, or other debris. This area should thereafter be cleaned with warm water and a soft brush. Locks, locking points and levers should all be regularly treated with graphite based lubricant.

Residential doors/ French casement

After washing as instructed, ensure that all accumulated dirt and deposits are flushed out from the various drainage slots situated in the sill of the outer frame. Lubrication of the lock should be achieved with a graphite based lubricant designed for the purpose. This is particularly important where the lock mechanism is exposed to attack from either salt or other chemicals in the local atmosphere. Hinges should also be inspected and lubricated from time to time. Always make sure to wipe off any surplus lubricant. Spare keys will be obtainable from your local locksmith or ironmonger in the normal way.

Patio doors (tilt/slide)

With patio doors it is most important that they are not slammed shut as this may result in damage to either the door or stop and in severe cases cause the rollers to jump off the track. If the door is slammed as with the locking lever in the ‘up’ or locked position, it may also damage the lock, lock keep or the jamb itself. Such abuse may eventually warrant either lock repair or adjustment.

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White aluminium sliding patio door
White uPVC casement window

Casement windows

Adjustment of friction stays or hinges – Should the operation of the opening vents appear ‘slack’ the situation can be remedied by simply adjusting the pressure of the friction stays. To achieve this, arrange the vent in the fully open position and locate the small brass screws housed in the side of the stays fixed to the main window frame. Be careful not to overtighten the screws and a maximum of one quarter turn should be sufficient on each occasion. Both stays should be adjusted to the same extent in order to maintain the equalised tension. If the opening of the windows does stiffen over time the friction stay or hinge area can be sprayed with a small amount of a graphite based lubricant, this will loosen up any areas that need it and ensure a smooth opening to the window.

Locking handles – In instances where key locking handles are employed, please note that it will be virtually impossible to open the window without releasing the lock with the key and pressing the button. Under no circumstances should the handle be forced into the open position without key release. For the benefit and convenience of the homeowner, it is strongly recommended that if the key is removed from the handle, it is located within easy reach in order to facilitate any need for emergency opening. If handles are not used regularly they may stiffen up and by lubricating them with a small amount of a graphite based lubricant sprayed into the key slot it will help keep the handle free and moving smoothly.


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Shootbolt locking system

When operating the handle ensure that the window is in the correct position so that the handle does not require undue effort to lock. Under no circumstances must the handle be forced, as this is likely to cause damage to the mechanism. If the window openers are not used regularly they may stiffen up and by lubricating the moving parts of the locking system with a small amount of a graphite based lubricant gently sprayed onto them it will help keep the locking mechanism and handles moving smoothly.

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Eurocell uPVC window close up


Sherborne products all come with very high energy ratings and condensation in most cases will not be a problem, however in some circumstances condensation can form on either the inside or outside of the glass units, this is generally not a product fault but more to do with ventilation and atmospheric conditions. For more information on condensation and its causes please see the GGF’s Guide on condensation that Sherborne makes available to clients.


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Other maintenance guides

With certain products that Sherborne install we provide a bespoke maintenance care guide, this will be made available to clients as required.


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