When in their best condition, double glazed windows can transform your home life. They regulate your temperature, secure your loved ones, and fill you with pride when hosting guests.

That’s why at Sherborne Double Glazing Repairs, we understand the importance of keeping your windows as good as new to maintain a happy, comfortable home.

We offer a comprehensive year-long guarantee and are here to ensure your windows pass the test of time.

With our standard call-out fee starting at £180, don’t let foggy or faulty windows cloud your view or cause your loved one’s discomfort for any longer.

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Customer Journey

The process of buying from Sherborne Windows consists of 3 simple steps:


After getting in touch with us online, in person or over the phone regarding your home improvement project, we send out a member of our friendly team to your home to do a survey and discuss your requirements further.


Once you've told us what work you'd like doing and a price has been agreed, a date that is suitable for us and yourself will be set for our installation team to carry out the work.


Once the work has finished, we provide you with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. You'll also have access to our brilliant aftersales service, ensuring you can continue getting the best from any products purchased from us.

Improve Your Home Life

When in perfect condition, double glazed windows can transform your home life. Whether you have a uPVC casement window, sash window, tilt & turn window, or any aluminium/timber alternatives, they can lead to increased comfort, pride, and savings.

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Double glazed windows in perfect condition can significantly increase your home’s comfort. They help eliminate draughts and keep the temperature consistent throughout the house, meaning you’ll be less likely to call upon the electric blanket when watching your favourite television series.

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This goes back to comfort, but fully repaired double glazed windows act as a sound barrier thanks to the space between the panes – keeping out the unnecessarily noisy neighbours or passers by.

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Energy Savings

Everyone likes the idea of cheaper energy bills. Double glazed windows in their finest condition reduce your home’s heat loss, as when properly sealed they are excellent are preventing precious warmth from escaping in the colder months. Likewise in the summer, the tight seals make it harder for the unwanted heat to enter inside your home, meaning better regulation all year round. This means you’ll be less reliant on costly appliances like radiators, electric heaters, fans, and cooling appliances.

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Enhanced Security

Weak points in your window will make them vulnerable to potential unwelcome intruders. For your own safety and peace of mind, give Sherborne Double Glazing Repairs a call for your double glazing repairs.

Signs Your Double Glazing Needs Repair


If you begin to notice condensation between the panes, it may indicate a double glazing issue. It’s a classic sign that the seal between the two panes of glass has failed, allowing moisture to get inside and fog up the window – which in turn reduces its insulating properties. It also reduces your home’s kerb appeal – let’s face it, who wants to have their garden views tarnished by faulty windows?

High Energy Bills

Unusually high energy bills could suggest that your window seals are faulty and require attention. If they are regularly losing heat, you’ll be more reliant on costly appliances – meaning that an initial payment to repair your double glazing will be a wise long-term investment.

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Visible Damage

Perhaps the most obvious sign, visible damage in the form of chips or cracks on the pane, faulty seals, or broken handles/hinges show that your windows need attention. Whilst double glazing is sturdier than single-pane windows, it can still be damaged by impact or hail. Cracks and chips weaken your window and allow drafts and moisture inside, as well increased the risk of condensation.

Difficulty opening and closing the window

This can be down to a number of reasons, so it’s best to call Sherborne Double Glazing Repairs for help.

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Why Sherborne Double Glazing Repairs

At Sherborne Double Glazing Repairs, our callouts start from just £180 for double glazing repairs. We provide a thorough service, with minimal disruption to your home life, quickly identifying the issue and then repairing it. This is the case regardless of your style of window, whether it’s a casement window, sliding sash window, bay window, and so on.

We’re proud to have over 30 years of high quality industry experience and are widely recognised as one of the most trusted names in home improvement – operating across South West London, Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.

As well as expert repair work, we also provide installations on windows, but also exceptional doors, conservatories, conservatory roofs and much more.

We’re proud of our excellent customer service, which is evidenced by a recent review from a homeowner – “Recently age took its toll, and we experienced a couple of window panes that ‘blew’ allowing moisture to build up between the glass panes. Within two weeks the new windows were replaced in the bathroom with no mess and a couple of tiles that needed to be removed to give easy access to the glass being installed were all replaced and we were unable to see what had been done – just a new gleaming pair of windows.”

Enjoy an experience as positive as Mr Low’s by getting your double glazing repaired. Call Sherborne Double Glazing Repairs on 07895 415228, or email

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